Monday, October 22, 2012

Project 52 :: Week 42

- Umbrellas, puzzle time and sunglasses?

Project 52 :: Week 41

- Northern Lights are extremely difficult to photograph!
- My birthday flowers :)
- Her interpretation of how to work out. 

Project 52 :: Week 40

- Winter is definitely on its way!
- Our 'new' Jeep.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

P&M :: Family

Speaking of family... Last week I got to shoot my in-laws! Not what every daughter in-law gets to say, right ;) Haha, just kidding! This session was so much fun! The light was amazing and they have an awesome acreage for the job! I hope you guys love these pictures as much as I do! 


J&F :: Family

I love taking pictures of big families. It reminds me of my own crazy, loveable family. Right now we're spread out from Australia to Washington to Chilliwack to Taber to Neerlandia. Seeing families together, growing like this one, makes me wish I hadn't taken the fact that we all lived within 20 minutes of each other just a short 5 years ago for granted. So, where ever you are, and where ever your family is, don't wish you lived a little farther from them, because we all know you don't really wish that ;) 
This family is super adorable! And so so so easy to take pictures of. I just had to bring the camera up and they'd all be looking and smiling, just the way I like it!


I begged and begged my dear sister to take pictures of her and her new beau :)   Lets just say it went well uh, interestingly. But hey, every session I do is fun and I still love her anyway!

P&N :: Love

 Last week I had the opportunity to do this new couples pictures! She's a really good friend, the one I waited my whole life for! Ha! Really though, every year when I heard that there was a new girl coming to school I would hope and hope that she loved and played sports as much as I did. But alas, every girl did not, so there I was every recess being the only girl playing sports with the boys. Not until I graduated and moved out here with my family do I meet the girl who should've been with me in elementary school! Better late than never though! To this day we have been on soccer, baseball and hockey teams together and its just great :) :) Right Nicole? ;) It was a really fun shoot. Lots of laughs and joking around, plus they were so easy to take pictures of. I mean, just look at them! I had to put in some bloopers however. I would say every pose we did she had to pull some kind of face, but hey, why not? Whats life without a little fun? :)


Monday, October 1, 2012

Project 52 :: Week 39

- I still just love daddy/daughter shots!
- Our time at the beach in Slave Lake.
- Sometimes there is a new beauty just around the corner, you just need to look for it
- Another sunset :)