Monday, January 9, 2012

Project 52 : Week 1

I debated for a bit whether I should do this. Actually, at first I was thinking about doing a 365 project, but then a super busy day came along and I already failed.
SO, here we go on Project 52. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do for this, you know, how many pictures a week and what I would take pictures of. I wanted to know the 'rules' for it before I did it since I'm kind of a rules person! ;) Then I got to thinking that this is MY blog, MY project and MY rules therefore there are no rules. However it got me thinking that if I did this you would see a lot about us. Like dirty faces, a dirty house, a SMALL house, and other things I wasn't sure about.
Obviously I decided to do it and here I am. I'll do my best. I'm a little bit self conscious of the images I take at home. There are the images I take to document our lives, like when Bentley puts her shirt on upside down and inside out or when I find her baby in the bath tub surrounded by her toys. I guess she was in need of a bath? These pictures I use to remember and to laugh. Then there are the pictures I take for fun. The creative ones, the ones to catch your eye. The different angle, the different focus. This is what I try to do, I know I'm far from being excellent but hey, everyone starts somewhere right?

- Cheeeeese!! Always taking pictures, just like her mama :)
- Rosy cheeks
- Lunch time!
- She loves her babies and insisted that since baby has a hat she needed hers too.
- Proofing yeast for homemade buns... yum
- Oreos


  1. Even if your pics are just practice pics that you take of things in and around your home and don't show us the full image of your home or the 'dirty' spots (which we all have), it's fun to see. I love seeing things through a photographer's eyes, even it is a glass of milk, a clump of snow, a fingerprint on the window.
    Can't wait for the weekly updates!

  2. Love it Miss. And love your honesty. I'm lookin' forward to your updates:)

  3. Hey Missy,
    Don't worry about the dirty stuff - everybody has it! :) Love the idea and the pics. Looking forward to the next set. And ditto to what Deanna said - love seeing things through photographer's eyes. Have fun!