Wednesday, November 30, 2011

P&M :: Family

My first session in snow! Despite being pretty cold I think it went well. Half way through we tried some shots in the house, but that is a whole other ball game folks! One that I don't know if I can get into. Didn't matter too much though, since we got some awesome shots outside. The weather went from 'way too cold for November' to 'ok, I can handle this' in about a week. On this particular day it was the 'ok, I can handle this' kinda weather and it made me happy :) Hope you like them!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

G&M :: Family

Again, a session that was so fantastic! I was really hoping to get ahold of a property for this session, but after trying to phone the owner all morning it just wasn't meant to be. The back-up location was excellent though too and it was so much fun! The light was dreamy, the girls were so sweet and smily and everything just went so well!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The H fam :: Family

This shoot was so much fun! I know I say that a lot, and I think every single one is fun, but I think the combination of the locations and the colours and the afternoon light made this one extra special. I knew right away that it would be difficult trying to pick out my favourite ones, so theres a few more on here than normal, but thats ok right? We ended up walking from one location to the next and it worked out pretty good :) I hope you like them!


I couldn't post these back when I wanted to because my blogger wouldn't let me and I wasn't sure why. So I waited till now and, obviously, its working again! :)
I could feel that winter was coming when we were doing this session! My fingers were cold and my teeth were chattering, but you couldn't tell these two were cold! They were definitely a couple of troopers! We went to this old house and just walked around it, even ventured into the old place and went upstairs!! Probably not the best idea, but I love the shots we were able to get from there! It really is amazing how people lived back in the day, but I'm kinda glad its not me!